Yaran Pipe Rolling Co.

Bafgh Complex




Why Us ?!

  • Yaran Group has over 60 years’ successful presence in Iran and in the international markets.
  • The Group is one of the most reputed brands in the manufacturing industry with over 4000 employees.
  • The Group’s good knowledge of the Iran’s market needs and inquiries.
  • The Group has a good and professional sales network.
  • Yaran Group has strong and high experience in both domestic and international logistics and transportation.
  • The high storage capacity with available warehouses in different ports and key cities around the globe.
  • The Group has a team with thorough knowledge on the port laws and regulations that ensures fast port clearance and documentation.
  • Yaran Group has offices available in more than 5 countries around the world making it very convenient in making payments to any supplier even during the sanctions of Iran.
  • The Group holds OFAC license from the USA treasury which allows it to trade even during sanctions.
  • The strong presence in the real estate business with over 1000 units successfully built and handed over to buyers.
  • Yaran Group has lands and properties under development in key locations of Iran, an indication of future expansions

Mission & Vision


The Group’s mission is to ensure that it’s are world’s highly respected and trusted brand. It is obliged to ensure growth and bring profits to all the stakeholders, as well as deliver the best customer value.


The Group aspires to build the best brand value through the incorporation of expertise and innovation to deliver the best and most reliable customer value. This need of success involves hiring and training of diverse workforce of the highest level of professionalism.



The Group embraces the quote, “If it is to be, it’s up to me.”


Its fundamental principle of conduct is integrity. In any business, integrity is a key aspect in ensuring transparency.


The Group is committed in both heart and mind in its operations. Commitment is essential in ensuring the delivery of efficient services.


It is constantly looking for market niches to venture in. It believes in being as inclusive as all its divisions.


T“Two heads are better than one.” The Group believes collective efforts always yields better results.


It carries out all its operations in honesty as it knows honesty is a virtue that brings trust.

Future Plans

Future Plan's Image

Over the years, Yaran Group has expanded its operations continuously. Market research and analysis has always been and will always remain the key to the success of the Group. Regular market research has been a habit with its Group of Companies, which has equipped the Group to become capable of meeting the ever-changing market demands. Its objectives to expand to new industries, new activities, and new markets are always the driving force for studying the market requirements. The Group has focused in diversifying businesses to meet the various customer segments and intends to expand by investing in expertise and research to foresee the new market dynamics.

As a result of the situation of Iran’s market, where no western brand, be it fashion, F&B or any other, was not allowed to be registered, one may not find a direct experience in holding a franchise brand looking into the portfolio of the company. However, the Yaran Group has always desired to invest in this market and since things now are moving to a better criteria, its group plans to expand its expertise for this market, invest in and revolutionize this untapped potential.

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